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About Us

Our company, Erica Madencilik ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti. natural stone products, especially beige marbles, colored and white marbles, travertine types Limestone and Onyx products January – Marble Factory – project application - is one of the leading companies in Turkey in the international export sectors. Customer satisfaction in domestic and international projects, considering the philosophy of quality service as a result of the work we started as a firm exporting in our lives, uninterrupted service, at home and abroad is recognized as a reliable company in the industry.

Raw materials sourced from different regions of Turkey, more than 60 marble tiles, natural stone, travertine, aging and Mosaic, such as various colors and patterns of Natural Stone Collection, more than 600 special qualified products are turned into.

Our Vision

Considering customer satisfaction in domestic and international projects, as a result of the philosophy of quality service, we have set ourselves a goal to be the leader in the world in our business life, which we started as an exporting company. Eliminating occupational and occupational safety hazards, reducing OHS risks, and ensuring safe and healthy working conditions related to work in line with the participation of our employee and employee representative by including all our employees in the practice of safety culture.

During all our activities, it undertakes to provide every round of support and resources necessary to minimize accidents by preventing the possibility of accidents at the source, and to make efforts to avoid occupational disease.

Our Mission

To produce travertine and marble varieties without compromising quality to take our place among the leading companies in the marble processing sector. To make efforts to keep the satisfaction of our customers who trust our company at the highest level. To work with trained personnel by giving importance to the planned intervals and trainings in order to improve the development and career of the personnel working in our organization.

Adhering to the requirements of quality, environment, Occupational Health and safety management systems, complying with the legal requirements and other requirements in force and engaged in continuous improvement activities. Activities necessary for the protection of the environment and the Prevention of environmental pollution.

Quality Policy

To maintain the production and service quality of our business by following the developing technology in the continuously renewed marble processing sector, to ensure customer satisfaction by meeting the expectations of our customers in the right way in a timely manner by taking into account the changing demands of our customers.

Our quality policy is to produce travertine and marble varieties without compromising quality.